111 East Chestnut Getting International Attention

  • Posted: April 24, 2014

readershipHow ’bout it?! Here’s a shocker even to us.  Let alone the tremendous support we are getting from a broad spectrum of 111 homeowners, we are pleased to report a huge spike in readers from outside our community. Let alone from across the U.S., we’re now getting a lot of attention internationally.

us readersOkay, here ya go: Chicago, Annandale, San Francisco, Hammond, New York, Avon, Orland Park, Delafield, Palm Springs, Marion, Darien, Elgin, Oswego, Quincy, Chantilly, Eau Claire, Rossmoor, Washington, Peoria, Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, Brambleton, Almere, Fountain Hills, Irvine, Los Angeles, South San Francisco, Port St. Lucie, Highland Park, Palatine, Asheville (to name a few)… fantastic.  But according to Google Analytics, that’s just a few cities from which our readers are now hailing. WE’VE GONE GLOBAL!!! We’re now being picked up and followed in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Brazil, Romania, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, China, Hungary, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Chile, Denmark, Israel, Iceland, Italy and Japan.

How ’bout it!
global readers

Considering we’ve only just started, imagine where we’ll be in six months!  Actually, we cannot imagine that our Board will be any less generous in providing grist for the mill.

Suffice to say, to all those that empower them, thank you. Without you, we’d have nothing to write about.

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