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Homeowners Cry Foul as Condo Conducts Board Election

The votes have been tabulated and the results are in: "Who-the-Hell-is-Diana-Shay" comes in 1st. With 38 percent?! Diana Shay? The person who listed one of her relevant skills for being…
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Meet Condo Board Candidate, Diana Shay

Here's a quick update to our article Handicapping the Board Elections. Meet Condo Board Candidate, Diana Shay. At the time of the original story's publication, Diana was really an unknown…
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PICK-4 LOTTERY: Handicapping the 2014 Board Elections

Here we go. Now for the Pick-Four Lottery. The official list of approved candidates for this year's Board elections is: Michael Boucher, Diane Brazil, Serap Brush, Ann Marie DelMonico, Mike…