Announcing the New 111 Website

  • Posted: March 3, 2014

Dear Residents,

We’ve joined the 21st century! We’ve set up a blog!

Have a look around. It’s modern, minimal, clean clean clean, and professional. The paint isn’t yet dry but it already eclipses the Association’s old site. In short order, by design this new site should eclipse the old site on Google, as well.

It’s built on the WordPress engine using the Crates theme. It uses a grid-based layout a la Tumblr or Pinterest featuring postage-stamp teasers on the frontpage.

Article and comment capabilities aside, it’s got a sophisticated polling capability. It can also do audio, video, photo galleries and slides shows. It’s bullet proof hack-wise. And it’s fast as it’s wired to Cloudflare. We’ve also got it tied into Google Analytics. Most importantly, it’s also got a pretty comprehensive broadcast SEO engine.

As to what we’d like to cover, as you know, in a condominium, issues are ongoing and dynamic. In the immediate future, we’d like to address and expand on some of the issues raised by Vince Scott in his recent emails. Topics include:

  • Our Chronic Debt: On Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
  • “111: Chicago’s Premiere Dorm” Is that Our New Tagline?
  • Did Someone Say Return on Investment?
  • Are Certain RE Brokers Selling Us Short?
  • What’s with All the Lawsuits?

And that’s just for starters. There’s sure to be more. Stay tuned.

We look forward to your enthusiastic support. If you’re interested in joining our fledgling editorial staff, you are more than welcome. We strongly encourage you to participate. If you’ve got ideas on making it better, please let us know.

Together, let’s make 111 a better place to live.


[email protected]

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