Pool’s open, but for how long?

  • Posted: May 19, 2014

The 111 East Chestnut Condominium Insider Pool's open, but for how long?  The 111 East Chestnut Condo Board tonight announced that the pool’s open!  YEAH!  No mention however of last year’s debacle. Remember?  The Illinois Department of Health shut us down. Well, regrettably, without the slightest modification in behavior, we’re dead set to do it again.  Begs the question: How long before it closes?

On July 29, 2013, as a follow up to the Health Department closing the pool, our property manager Sara Rudnik put out an eBulletin that said:

“Unfortunately, these complaints to the Health Department are not likely to cease any time soon. We are likely to experience more inspections in the weeks ahead for the purpose of investigating even the most menial technical violations or those that do not even exist. Based on this, I ask that all pool patrons closely adhere to our pool rules as well as all State pool regulations. A link is provided for your reference. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the revocation of our pool license. Our staff will continue to monitor the pool area and enforce the pool rules to the best of our ability, but there’s a limit to how much money the Association can spend to maintain this amenity.”

But insiders think that the gross neglect of our pool amenity just might be a purposeful sin of omission. On July 28, 2013, then Board Director, Cheryl Jansen wrote:

“This weekends unfortunate incident involving the pool, which occur with regularity each summer, seemed designed for maximum dramatic effect and little else. As an owner and board member who does not use the pool but pays the assessment that subsidizes the recreation of 52 of my neighbors and their guests I am proposing the following: 1) Based on the fact that the pool can only accommodate 52 residents which is completely inadequate for the number of units and the fact that each owner is allowed 10 guests I am suggesting we order a cost / benefit analysis to determine if continuing to open a 40 year old seasonal pool is worth the expense, aggravation and embarrassment that it had to be closed by the city. It has been the source of much hostility and threats since I’ve lived in the building which in my opinion detracts from any enhancement as an amenity. Ours is even too small to do laps so there is no real exercise benefit as well. 2) Plug the plumbing for the pool, fill it in, cover the opening and add a water feature (fountain) and lush landscaping or even a glass enclosure gazebo which can be used year round with lots of greenery for long dark winter days. Pools are no longer a selling feature because of the expense of upkeep and increasing insurance liability. If there is real danger and health concerns then I see real value and savings in closing it at this point.”

That said, here is S-66, i.e. our Pool Rules. Note that many of these items are merely a reiteration of State law. Note as well, our inability to get a handle on these is just chronic.

The following rules apply to use of the decks and the swimming pool area:
1. The roof decks have been supplied with furniture which is never to be removed from the roof deck area on which it is located.
2. When using sunbathing lotion, place towels on furniture to prevent staining.
3. Radios, tape players and other electronic devices must be used with earphones.
4. For safety and sanitary reasons, pets are not allowed on any decks.
5. Food transported to and from the BBQ decks must be placed in covered containers to prevent spillage and odors.
6. Glass objects are not permitted on the pool deck or Northwest sun deck.
7. Baby diapers may not be changed on the decks. Soiled diapers may not be disposed of in the deck receptacles.
8. Adults and children must wear appropriate attire including cover-ups and shoes when traveling on the elevators and through the corridors to reach the decks.

The additional following rules apply to the swimming pool deck:
1. Users of the swimming pool are subject to state and Local Regulations as posted on the swimming pool deck.
2. Swimmers may not swim alone.
3. Swimmers swim at their own risk.
4. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
5. Food is not allowed on the pool deck.
6. Beverages must be in plastic, paper, metal, or otherwise shatter-proof containers.
7. Babies wearing diapers are not allowed in the pool. Proper swim diapers are required.
8. Chairs and lounges may not be reserved in any manner.
9. Pool users shall wear appropriate swim wear. No street clothing may be worn in the pool.

Yes siree, the pool is open. And there’s not a chance in Hell we can make it through the Summer season without incident. What do you think?  Any bets the State closes us down before July?

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