Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? 111 Nabbed for Building Code Violations

  • Posted: May 29, 2014

The 111 East Chestnut Condominium Insider Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? 111 Nabbed for Building Code Violations  Attributed to the Roman poet Juvenal, “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” translates loosely, “Who will guard the guards?” So, 111 nabbed for Building Code Violations… who’s to blame? More importantly, who was/is supposed to be watching out for our interest?

Sadly, by default that’d be the Chicago Building Department. Ironically, they’re apparently fans of the blog. Not two days after we published “111 E. Chestnut Condo to Host Land Rush,” this hit: City of Chicago Case No. 402382, Inspection #11254116, Status: FAILED. Insult to injury… besides the illegal land grab, at least a few of our build-outs were/are out-of-bounds code-wise, as well.

Specifically, the DOB’s Notice reads:

“Performed or allowed work to be performed without submitting plans prepared, signed and sealed by a licensed architect or registered structural engineer for approval and without obtaining a permit to perform the work. (13-32-010, 13-32-040, 13-40-020, 13-12-050) 50th floor Unit A and K; 51st floor Unit A – Unit doors moved into common corridor, thus increasing the unit interior exit travel distance to the fire rated corridor.”

Of note: According to Department of Building’s Irma Rodriguez, Chief of the Central District, the violation is against the owners of the Building, i.e. the Association, not the individual unit owners. Bottom line, WE are on the hook.

What’s particular troubling about all this? 51A is owned by none other than our board president, Anthony Milazzo. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?!


Anyway, the Building Department has ordered the Association to “Submit plans to verify life safety requirements and obtain a building permit.” And who is going to pay for that? The answer, YOU.

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