Sike! Shay Suckers Scott

  • Posted: September 18, 2014

The 111 East Chestnut Condominium Insider Sike! Shay Suckers Scott  Chalk this one up to ya just can’t make this stuff up. In the last 48 hours, we got a 111 Breaking News tip from “Concerned Homerowners” organizer Vince Scott. According to Scott, the Board Committees had been disbanded and Board Director and Treasurer Diana Shay was resigning.

For those unfamiliar, “sike” is slang for “psyched out.” Think Lucy pulling the ball away from Charlie Brown. It’s an interjection indicating that one’s preceding statement was false and that one has successfully fooled one’s interlocutor.

Tuesday night at approximately 8 pm, Scott reported that due to this blog’s attention to Board Committees, and insistence on they be implemented lawfully, they had been summarily cancelled.

By way of background, in the previous two posts here, the blog shed light on the committee’s unlawful inception and subsequent execution: 1) The Committee Charters have been approved in name only; 2) The membership model per the charters is unlawful as they are exclusively the prerogative of the Board President Milazzo and not as it should be by Board authority; and 3) Secret “closed” meetings have already taken place in violation of the Condo Act and the recent Palm decision.

“In a year all this could have been worked out,” Scott insisted. He went on to say that all the public attention derailed the endeavor. And according to Scott, Milazzo protégé Diana Shay, “was also about to submit her resignation [from the Board].”

At about 7 am Wednesday morning, Scott was asked for anything substantiating (i.e. in writing) the committees being cancelled and Shay’s imminent resignation. At 8:34 am, Vince Scott wrote: “If there is an announcement to be made, either Diana or I or the management office will make it.”

But then at 10:21 am Scott took a flier. In the words of Charlie Brown, “ARRGH!” He had at that point again spoken with Shay who he reported “is now committed to the committees and her service on the board.”

“I totally misunderstand-stood that,” Scott said.


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  1. Lisa · September 18, 2014 Reply

    Poor Vince. He worked on this effort for one year for Milazzo without knowing.

    The result: Unlawful committees full of Milazzo’s friends and yes-man victims.

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