About the Insider

    Written by homeowners for homeowners, here’s a blog about your neighborhood, your investment and our community here at 111 East Chestnut Condominium.

    We’re the residents you see joking with Al and Harry at the front desk. You’ve seen at the pool and at the gym. We’re the ones who hold the elevator and go out of our way to give you a warm “hello.”

    The 111 East Chestnut Condominium Insider About the Insider We’re also the rare ones here who attend the Board meetings. There we grumble, complain, find fault. Fact is, we keep errant Boards honest. We’re the sand in the oyster. We’re arguably THE most passionate among all the owners at 111 about home value and our community.

    The “troublemakers” label aside, we are former well-respected Board members. We are business executives, lawyers, teachers, accountants and real-estate brokers. We’re the ones who’ve studied our governing documents; know the condo law; and know how to read a balance sheet. We know the limitations of condo governance; and we especially know the tricks. We know what to ask for when the parade of condominium-industry sycophants bamboozle and neuter us. We are the unofficial ad hoc oversight committee that provides the all too important checks and balances.

    Most of all, we are the select few who bear all the drama to fight the essential good fight for the benefit of all of us.

    And all that is best done in the open. All too often regrettably, decisions are being made behind close doors. Our present Board and management is the most clandestine we’ve ever had. They like to play in the dark. Their communications is spin, designed to lullaby. Here we aim to counter that. Our aim is to shed light. In the words of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis: “Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”

    With that said, we invite you to join us. This is a collaborative work in progress. We look forward to your comments and support. Together, we can make 111 a better place.


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